• Delfina Ure

You're Beautiful

🎵 "You're beautiful inside your soul, and all that I see in you is free."

I wrote this song at the bottom of my pain in 2017, high on marijuana, and desperate for a break from life (or really a breakthrough in life.) Something about this time, even though it was a shadowy & sad season, it brought me a certain kind of freedom that let me explore my voice in new registers, new tones, and new lengths of holding melodies.

I broke free from writing structured songs and began exploring spontaneous singing and songwriting, and while sure I was high, this freedom stayed with me long after I gave up smoking for ‘permission’ to be me.

I often sing this song in yoga studios at the end of class when everyone is resting. I can feel the vibration of my voice looking into something heavenly when I sing this over people and I know it releases freedom to others too. Jesus talks about praying in a way where we ask that “heaven be brought down to earth” and when I sing, I hold this intention in my heart, praying that somehow as I release music from my soul to others, that heavens perfection will be released over them as well — and with that will come miracles of healing bodily pain, mental pain, and emotional pain….

Because now I know from personal experience that this truly IS the will of God, that many will be saved and that many will experience the freedom available, crashing down like waves of love, sound waves of healing, all around us.


Link to "You're Beautiful" Music & Lyrics (coming soon)

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