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🎵 "It doesn't take much to know one but to be one you have to know what it takes."

An ode to femininity, “Woman” came out during my Lady Gaga inspired times in 2014 when I lived in Santa Monica, right before I moved to New York. I was still performing during the time I wrote this song so it was one of the last ‘new’ songs I shared with my audience and I remember feeling the energy coming out of it was incredible.

I wrote this song before the war on gender was full on, and I’ve often wondered how it will be received in today’s climate & world. It’s a commentary on how it feels like to be a woman, ideas that seem taboo to be expressed now as they encroach upon ‘archaic’ gender roles … but no matter what’s being preached on the street, a woman will always be known by her strength, her power to overcome, and her vulnerability to let others see her when she breaks.

She’s not defined by her looks, nor by her ability to make her gifts pliable to modern commodities — she’s allowed to exist just as she is, with poise & mystery, without explaining her why’s or asking for permission.

And while I used to think the word “she” should be considered a full sentence, I’ve now come to realize that it’s only with her counterpart “he” that her beauty, braveness, breakability, and boldness can be fully expressed as the dance for wholeness and completion of self is only understood in the divine design of man and woman becoming one, like god intended.


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