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Updated: Aug 10

🎵 "This love's so overdue, baby I'm so in love with you."

'Triangle" is one of my earliest songs that I wrote in 2011 shortly after my big debut as an artist in Times Square. I had other ideas in mind when the lyrics first came to me, but looking back now I know the inspiration for this song is the jealousy of God for our love & affection, how he patiently waits for us to fall in love with His truth, HIs purity, and His fiery passion that ignites our souls if we let Him.

I love playing this song, it really lets me discover my voice and have fun singing whatever melody is wanting to come out of me.

Fun Fact: I was new to playing bar chords when I first wrote it so my hand used to cramp up and it took a lot of effort to play the entire song!


Link: "Triangle" Music & Lyrics (coming soon!)

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