• Delfina Ure

Te Quiero Jesús

🎵 "Héchame de nuevo en el fuego, ese fuego que quema lo feo."

This is the first of several original worship & adoration songs I wrote in the tail end of 2020 when I was writing my book about my life & healing trauma.

I spent most of my days working on the book and when I’d hit a mental block or moment of total divine inspiration I’d get up and go to the kitchen with my guitar and let whatever sounds, words, and emotions spill out into song.

This song and the other ones of the series were all spontaneously written, unplanned sessions of intercessory singing that I knew to record.

I don’t alway free-flow in Spanish. It’s a “mood” that comes over me to want to speak Spanish and express syllables and sounds in that specific way that leads me to thinking and singing in Spanish. Even though Spanish was my first language growing up, English has become my language of mastery so I’m always joyfully surprised when I can string together lyrics that rhyme like after line.

This song contains one of my favorite lyrics I think I’ve ever written: “hechame de nuevo en el fuego, ese fuego que quema lo fea, hazme brillar de nuevo” // throw me in the fire again, that fire that burns away the ugly, make me shine again.


“Déjame acercarme, quiero verte y consecrarme, conocerte y despertarme” // let me come close, I want to see you and be made holy, get to know you and wake up.

All of these ideas that flowed out of me were based on the real life experiences that led to my radical freedom from PTSD, shame, pain, and a chronic illness in 2019, and were what inspired me to write my book in 2020.


Link to "Te Quiero Jesús" Music & Lyrics (coming soon)

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