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Summer Love

Updated: Aug 23

🎵 "Where do we go, I'm running to your house, outside with my hi."

Not all songs come easy, but this one was written in a flash. It’s one of the more special songs I have because I wrote it with a student of mine named Juliet Sanchez about the most special person in my life, David, my husband.

Juliet at 13 years old inspires me to believe in true love and in our songwriting sessions we talk about our perfect love dreams and wishes, we pray for her future husband and mine.

We wrote these lyrics using text messages from each of our love interests, mine being David, who is now my husband!

David was my boyfriend when we wrote this song, but we put in lyrics like “take my hand” and “we should make a plan” based on conversations we were having at the time about wanting to get married. We had no idea we'd end up going for it this summer when we headed off to France, Germany & Italy, but life is full of the best surprises & now I'm married to the most incredible man in the world. Go to our wedding page for the full story.

The song was finished in May 2020, and on July 7th David proposed on our trip to Germany and on July 31st my lifelong dream of being married to my soulmate came true! My summer love became my forever love.


Link: "Summer Love" Music & Lyrics (coming soon)

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