• Delfina Ure

Still Someone

"If they can't see what I can see, you're still someone to me."

Long before I knew Jesus was pursuing my heart, I was inspired to write this song about my compassion for animals during the phase of my life that I was vegan. I was invited to write this song in 2014 by a friend of mine, Gene Baur, who leads a big part of the vegan movement through his organization, Farm Sanctuary.

I often sing this song in yoga classes when I'm performing at the end of the exercise class, feeling the words ripple over the people hearing it, knowing that in some way, the lyrics are unlocking that searching part of their soul that is longing to hear these words spoken over them.

Now that my walk with Jesus has gone radically deep I know that every single word that came through me when writing this song was a love note from heaven that he was wanting me to hear so that I would know I was loved, seen, chosen, and not forgotten.

I hope this song touches you and comforts you, and that you will feel a little touch of heaven all around you as you receive a supernatural, spirit-filled hug from God through each word that I dedicate to you.


Link: "Still Someone" Music & Lyrics (coming soon!)

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