• Delfina Ure

Shooting Star

🎵 "You traveled so far, straight through the dark you shooting star."

I consider this song a ‘cute’ song. It’s a cheerful companion to many of my years of searching for truth, and a lighthearted invitation into rest & belonging to all who of those who feel like they are traveling aimlessly through the darkness of their own life.

I've used the song several times in posts for Keep It Sacred Sister, my non-profit that helps survivors of sexual abuse. I feel like it's a direct encouragement to those who have been through this kind of pain. Like a shooting star, the path before you can feel dark, but you’re the one bringing light everywhere you go, leaving a trail of sparkling light behind you. And it’s funny how it might hurt to look back at the past sometimes, but when you look back through eyes of hope you can actually start to see your path as one you can be proud of — not so much for all the ‘good’ things in it, but mostly for never giving up.

For a lot of us, not giving up is a miracle in and of itself, and this song celebrates your daily miracle to keep going, to keep shining, and to keep bringing your light everywhere you go.

Not only do you matter, but you ARE making a difference everywhere you go. Keep believing.


Link to "Shooting Star" Music & Lyrics (coming soon)

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