• Delfina Ure

She's A Fool

🎵 "Love her until she's no longer concerned with the places she'll wander."

I always knew not to fall in love for too long. At least not after all that I went through before I knew what real love was about. This song is a total expository on all the stupid little things I used to do in my single life, before Jesus, to avoid feeling anything and to avoid feeling trapped by anyone in a relationship (even though deep down my only desire was to belong to someone…)

I love how the lyrics of this song evolve in the end, where instead of saying, “oh lover,” it starts saying, “oh love her.” By the end of the song I'm admitting that the only way to truly keep me is to love me beyond any fear I may have and to let me wander wherever I want to go, and after this, I will be conquered by love. So complicated 😅

I’ll honestly say I expected ever partner to fulfill this worldly idea of love and the chase and the conquest and the maintenance of that love. And now I solemnly swear that the only person who was ever capable of doing this (and who has now done this for me to ‘break the spell of bad love’) is Jesus.

It took me being broken and desperate enough in my failures as a girlfriend, as a daughter, as a sister, and as a friend to finally cry out to god in FAITH and wait for a response for him to fix the unearthly, ungodly broken mess that had become my life. And he was relentless in his unoffendable-ness … and welcomed me excitedly into the throne room where I learned that none of what I went through was ever meant to happen to me, but even better than this, everything I went through was and would be incapable of stopping me from going forward into the life that was always meant for me.


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