• Delfina Ure


🎵 "I feel myself coming alive stepping off the shelf, so I'm lighting up the room in my self-defense."

It was a moment of raw passion that led me to writing this song. I felt a burst of emotion bubbling up inside me, frustration over the massive amount of lies being fed to the young generation about who they are supposed to grow up to be and what’s expected of them. I was angry that sexual preferences and genders are being chosen as rebellion rather than enjoyed as gifts, children thinking they have to fight their families and the system just to have peace of mind and a sensible life.

It occurred to me in writing these lyrics that the only weapon of “self-defense” they have and we have is to shine brightly. How can anyone accuse you of being wrong when you’re lighting up the room just being who you were meant to be?

I meant for every lyric in this song to be an anthem of originality for any person who’s ever felt oppressed by the pressures of having to conform to please the system in a way that abuses the core design of who they were meant to be. And for all of us who think we’ve already “grown up” it’s never too late to go back to the basics of our god-given DNA, that is, our Destiny Nobody can Alter.

"I've finally found the truth

and I'm dusting off my youth

And lighting up the room in my self-defense. "


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