• Delfina Ure

Seedling Song

🎵 "Rising up from the ground, take my time to grow toward the sunshine."

This song is another collaboration with some of my students, Juliet & Chiara. It’s an unconventional song for my kind of writing — a blend of not caring so much about what I’m saying and letting my students make an impression on the sounds coming out of me. I love this song, but I can’t say I tried really hard to make it what it is… it’s elegance just kind of snuck up on all of us.

My students Juliet & Chiara are two of my best writers, and in duo with each other, they often bring beautiful, haunting, complicated yet serene melodies out of me and simple yet deep & poetic lyrics out of each other.

Simply explained, this song is about the journey of a little seed that goes from being planted in the darkness and it just fight the tightness and light-lessness of the earth to make its way out and grow toward the sunshine in its own time.

Let the metaphors for life begin.


Link to "Seedling Song" Music & Lyrics (coming soon)

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