• Delfina Ure

It's In Your Love

🎵 "Ay, no quieres decirle a Dios, dile lo que llevas en tu corazón."

I've always felt a little scared to play this song. I can't quite explain what happens inside me when I sing these lyrics, other than I know my words are cutting through lies into the heart of darkness, and I feel like I'm provoking a confession in the listener.

My words "it's in your love" can also be heard as, "it's sin your love" which is why this song feels haunting and a bit twisty. I imagine it being a conversation between God and someone who's carrying around a lot of secrets & God is saying, "Don't you just want to confess? Do I make you want me enough to change your ways? Do I get so deep inside you in your heart that you feel like pretending you don't feel me?"

If I'm being totally honest, I intended this song to provoke a confession in my dad and the men everywhere who had quietly and secretly hurt their loved ones and want to pretend nothing is happening. In my wildest dreams and craziest prayers, I imagine criminals coming to their senses when they feel the heart of God pressing in on them .. if only they could see that God's love would heal them, that they don't have to live in the shadows anymore, and that the light will feel good even if at first it exposes all the dead things they've been carrying inside.

* shivers *

Musically I was inspired by the song, 'Tuyo' from the show Narcos on Netflix. I wrote this song in the kitchen of my best friend's house where I was staying just months before I confessed my own story in "The Coverup Girl Movie" and got free from my secrets.


Link: "It's In Your Love" Music & Lyrics (coming soon)

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