• Delfina Ure

Fly Away

🎵 "If I could fly away I'd find a better home & build it out of snowflakes and watch it turn to gold."

This was the last song I ever wrote living in my childhood home with my parents. It’s my ‘Disney’ song, a song about making a beautiful escape from all things non-fantastical.

Funny enough I wrote this song years before I’d find out the missing pieces of my story line and uncover just how non-Disney my life had really been. But in its beauty, this song captures the innocent, hopefulness that has always been in my heart and that thanks to God I was able to keep even through the hardest years of my life.

I was really new at guitar when I wrote this song, even though it has some pretty advanced chords. My hands led her way in discovering new ways to string chords together. Back during these early years of songwriting, I’d often get a visual in my head of how my hands should move on the guitar rather than what the song should sound like. That’s how I wrote this complicated bridge chord progression. I was enjoying learning to play bar chords and I thought, “I wonder what would happen if I just put a bunch of them together in a row.”

And the main vibe and dance of this song was inspired by the Disneyland theme song, “It’s A Small World,” which I had just started trying to figure out how to play by ear.


Link to "Fly Away" Music & Lyrics (coming soon)

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