• Delfina Ure


🎵 "She was born to be part of the earth, you can hold her but learn to let her go."

I was alone in my house on a mountaintop at 21 years old when I wrote this song. I was best friends with nature; the birds, the trees, the flowers and the sunshine around me.

I had just lost my career and my family, and somehow creating these daydream songs about life brought me comfort & joy, like I was wooing myself into better days, never knowing that really the whole time I was giving voice to the loving, heavenly whispers of god’s loving spirit that moved in with me in that first apartment.

“Dreamer” is one of my youngest expressions of freedom, when freedom meant getting to be me and exploring life around me without feeling trapped by pain. Now I know freedom to mean this as well as the ability to go into my destiny and become who I was created to be, knowing that even in seasons where life feels ‘limited’ I’m existing in the timeless, unlimited, impossibility-free heart of god and he’s always leading me forward, one step or many leaps ahead, at a time.


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