• Delfina Ure


🎵 "I sifted all of the thirsting deserts to find what's mine, tragically unaware of my disguise."

I wrote this song on accident. I was putting away my guitar in 2020 and I strummed this chord and was like, “whoah, what was that?” And so I wrote the rest of it.

I heard a song once that had this kind of rhythm, like running through a field and jumping fences. I wanted this song to feel like an escape song, not a rescue or breaking out song, but like an “I’m finally on the other side of this wall,” kind of vibe.

I guess this is what I was feeling at the time I wrote the lyrics — like I was finally on the other side of my pain and epic, lifelong battle against the futility of life before I’d rediscovered my purpose and re-inherited my destiny.

My entire life story can be summarized by these three lines: “I sifted all the thirsting desserts to find what's mine, tragically unaware of my design, til your voice shot through my heart and I’ve seen the light.”

It’s cool to feel like I’m part of the ‘bride of Christ.’ For those of you who are non-believers, the bride of Christ is the true expression of what you might know to be the ‘collective unconscious’ … but much cooler because as members of gods ‘body of believers’ we are collectively rising to greatness, embodying fully the great & holy amazingness of god’s very own spirit, matched only and wholly by Jesus Christ himself, who in this way of seeing life, would be our bridegroom coming to rescue us from the useless, monotony of human existence.

As born again, Spirit-filled believers we are activated into our special place in the body, receiving our purpose and identity from the special destiny god has for us to fulfill to help bring the bride (all our believer people) to full maturity so we can experience SUPERNATURAL life, beyond what we could ever experience on our own through self-imposed meditation or obedience to rules or religion.

THIS is what rushed through me when I strummed the first chord; and it’s what I hope will flow through you when you hear my song.


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