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About the Art in My Videos

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Meet Rhonna Del Rio, my best friend & the incredible artist/painter in my videos.

Rhonna's art is called "yoga & art journey". It's no surprise we met doing yoga. Her canvas is a home for God-inspired beings and God-breathed movements, on and off the mat. We're an unlikely duo -- but life brought us together & now our art finds harmony on screen.

Here is a gallery of the pieces you will find in my videos, and a link to Rhonna's online store.

Rhonna invited me into her home in 2015 when she saw I could use a loving place to live, a place that would revive my heart and bring joy & power to my artistic voice. We shared a space and this is where our artistic collaboration was born. We encouraged each other to stand confidently in our unique artistic expression, to proudly tell our stories, and a longer way down the road, Rhonna became a founding board member of my non-profit organization Keep It Sacred Sister so we could help survivors of sexual abuse together.

Make sure to check out Rhonna's online store to buy the art seen in my videos & to read more of Rhonna's artist story.



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