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Hi, I'm Delfina Ure, musical artist and social entrepreneur from Southern California. 

My musical career launched in 2010 when I debuted as an artist opening for JLO in Times Square, New Years Eve and had several songs placed in national TV ads. Over the years I've created a musical style that captures the heart of my unconventional coming-of-age story and radical healing experience, two things which fuel my songwriting and work beyond music today. My songs touch on themes of justice, personal empowerment & transformation, and social change, and I perform mostly on guitar and piano.

In my other work, I am the founder and director of Keep It Sacred Sister, a non-profit organization I founded in 2018 that provides rape-exam panties to survivors of sexual assault. I am also a mentor to a small number of young artists whom I teach to harness & develop their own unique artistic expression. 

I was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, CA by two immigrant Argentinian parents and now I live in Redding, CA, a small city in the northern-most part of the golden state where I write music & perform my songs and work with local organizations to promote positive social change. I'm also a proud member of Bethel Church, a global nondenominational family of faith led by world renown author & preacher, Bill Johnson. 

My favorite city to visit is Paris, France. I speak 4 languages (5, if you count my prayer language,) play soccer and am currently learning to play the harp.